CTA Support Course

Overview of the CTA Support Course.

Our CTA Support Course is designed for both CTA Level 1 and Level 2 students, and runs from January to October, divided into 4 blocks. This comprehensive programme covers all four subjects, including Financial Accounting, Taxation (Zimbabwe), Financial Management, and Auditing. The course includes the following features:

  • Live lectures - Experienced lecturers address the knowledge gaps and focus on key concepts via zoom.
  • Live tutorials - The lecturers go through the questions, together with the candidates, live in class via zoom.
  • Preparatory test and exams - These are marked by the marking team and personalised feedback is provided to each candidate.
  • Question packs - candidates have access to our professionally prepared question packs. Practise makes perfect!
  • Consultations with lecturers - candidates have the opportunity to interact and consult directly with the lecturers.
  • Lecture notes - Candidates have access to detailed notes that are referenced to applicable standards.
  • Work schedules - These are professionally prepared to support the candidates to manage their study time commitment.
  • Live preparatory test review classes - These are conducted by the lecturers to give feedback on the preparatory tests, making sure the candidates grasp the concepts examined, with focus on exam technique.
  • Efficient communication channels - These includes candidate community WhatsApp and/or Telegram Groups for support and collaboration.
  • Access to CTA Support Course material, including videos - This gives the candidates the opportunity to refresh on technical content, key to their success in the ITC Exam.
  • Personalised script reviews - These include specific feedback to candidates on their past test and examination papers.

Who can register for this course?

Please note that only candidates studying towards CTA and are registered are eligible to register for the CTA Support Course. The course is designed to support part-time and full-time candidates. All classes are conducted online, via Zoom after working hours on weekdays or on weekends and public holidays.