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Accounts On Call Institute (Private) Limited stands as a premier institution dedicated to providing exceptional education to students on their journey to becoming Chartered Accountants in Zimbabwe. Established in July 2021 by a passionate and seasoned Chartered Accountant, our institute takes pride in offering Certificate in Theory of Accounting (CTA) tuition, accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ). We also specialise in providing comprehensive support classes for students looking to sit for the ICAZ Initial Test of Competence (ITC) Exam (AOC Board Course) within the Chartered Accountancy pathway.

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  • More lectures are offered which helps candidates to dedicate more time to the programme which will increase grades.

  • Marked scripts with feedback, in-depth debriefing lectures as well as exam technique really helped me.

  • Frequency of lectures and tutorials is best tailored for part time students as it pushes one to keep up with the workload.

  • The preparatory material is so on point, and it gives you the opportunity to master even difficult things, it made my life easier on most topics.

  • The in-depth knowledge of lecturers and tutors who take time to explain concepts was exceptional!

  • The tutorials and exam practice questions were very useful as they enabled us to practice exam technique and understand the material better.

  • The thorough explanation of concepts per topic was out of the top drawer. The clear and useful notes that you provided for each topic were extremely useful. l can say my auditing and taxation was bad but with AOC, l improved significantly. Thank you.

  • Grey areas were clarified. Lecturers were easily accessible. Feedback on assignments and preparatory tests was very good.

  • I would recommend AOC to anyone. The calendar activities and timely delivery of lectures helps with students to lecture interactions and ensures the student is on course and not relaxed during the year.

  • I would recommend Accounts On Call CTA support. It is truly tailor made to equip and empower students with knowledge, techniques, and exam fitness.

  • Accounts On Call takes someone through CTA content in a way that is understandable and doesn’t assume that students already have the knowledge. They provide information to students as required.

  • The institution is organised and passionate in supporting its clients. The study material is rich and helpful. The lectures have a good level of competence which gives us some confidence.

  • You are doing a commendable job. I know once you are fully registered you will see wonders.

  • The responses, feedback and the timetable provided helped a lot in covering all topics as it showed every topic in each course and the access to the CTA classes gave me the opportunity to ask during the lesson some principles that I would not have understood.

  • The best aspect was the practical preparation. The broad questions ensured we were prepared for all possible topics. Also, lecturers taking time to dissect questions to ensure that students understood especially for MAF. I recommend the board course to all students who want to pass ITC.

  • he board course ensured that the candidate was assisted throughout the way. I enjoyed the passion given by the lecturers in conducting sessions. Written assessments and feedback was provided on areas to work on and tips were provided to ensure that the student pass their exams.

  • The timetable (it helped in providing guidance, l didn't feel pressured towards the exam), the assessments in between (they helped a lot, made me study were l saw gaps and the recommendations of the lectures as well was a confidence booster).

  • The personalised reviews, it felt like they were tailor made for the person and you can’t really share notes with another candidate.

  • I want to thank every lecturer that helped me. The ones that responded to my late-night messages, that took the time to motivate me when they marked my assessments. I took the recommendations as a motivation, and it helped. Your dedication is unmatched, I'm forever grateful.

  • Yes definitely. The head was invested in us. I felt he had a way of dealing with us all based on our capabilities. I appreciated that. I enjoyed this journey because of him.

  • Exam type questions marked with comments/feedback was a huge standout for me and with our busy work schedules to get some follow ups from the lecturers really pushed us to the better.

  • Yes. AOC is a thorough institution with the needs of students at heart. Their passion for the profession made understanding the concepts a lot easier and that passion rubbed off on us as the students. The results speak for themselves.

  • TI would like to thank the Accounts on Call Team for assisting me in passing my ITC Exams. The lecturers are just the best as they ensure that not only the technical aspect is covered but assist in giving exam tips at every topic and module. I had never seen lecturers who put the same energy or even more as much as the student does. I would recommend Accounts On Call Board Course any time, any day.